AML (Anti-Money Laundering) API

An AML (Anti-Money Laundering) services are services are used to identify and prevent the use of blockchain technology for money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes. The API allows a system to communicate with the AML service, sending it data about blockchain transactions and receiving results in return. These results can be used to flag suspicious activity and take appropriate action. The API may also provide tools for configuring and managing the AML service, such as setting up rules and alerts specific to the blockchain space.


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Honeypot Related Addresses


Other Malicious Addresses

Demo Experience

View the security of addresses

AML API Advantages

Free to Use - Defy

Free to Use

Our AML API is free for demo experience. You can use it to test the security of your wallet address. If you want to use it in your project, please contact us.

For General Users - Defy

For General Users

Our API includes addresses related to honeypot and other malicious addresses, which users are more likely to encounter in the blockchain space.

Flexible for Use Cases - Defy

Flexible for Use Cases

We have a variety of use cases for our API, including wallet security, transaction security, and more. We are also open to new use cases. If you have any ideas, please contact us.

Easy to Use - Defy

Real Time Database

Our database is updated in real time, so you can get the most accurate results.

Instant Detection - Defy

Instant Detection

The suspicious transaction is detected the moment it is happened.


If you are in doubt about the security of a wallet and you think it is a dangerous wallet, you can question the security of the wallet with this service. There are a lot of tags we have investigated. Also there is a score for these tags. For scoring 0 is bad and 100 is good. Also there is live version of the address security service. With this service, the wallets you follow will notify you when they make a bad transaction. If you want to know more about the tags, you can check the documentation.

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